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» Quiz: Which Beyblade character are you?
Which Beyblade character are you?
created by deathangel

1.) Name a bit beast?

2.) Just pick something?
Street sharks

3.) Scenario: Another beyblade team wanted to challenge your team.They have the confidence of winning but they don't.How would your team beat them?
Call on the power of my bit beast
Have faith in my team
Try very hard to believe in my bit beast
Have lots of fun

4.) If you were a begining beyblader and you had no clue what you were doing and you didn't have a bit beast yet, How would you beat one of the bladebrakers?
Use all the strength and courage it takes
Get the cheif to build the best blade
Believe in what your doing and never give up
Go to the best beyblade shop and buy the best blade

5.) Scenario:If a bit beast came along and you just found it lying around, what would you do with it?
Keep it for my since i'm collecting them anyway
See if Dragoon would aprove of it
tyr to find the owner
i don't think i've ever found one

6.) If you got a brand new bit beast who would it be?
Knight Dranzer
Dragoon storm
Driger kinght
Shield Dracile

7.) If you had to cross Digimon with Beyblade, What crest would you have?
Crest of courage
Crest of Sincerity
Crest of Reilabilty
Crest of Friendship

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