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» Quiz: What's your sexuality?
What's your sexuality?
created by bleedingnitemares

title's kind of self explanatory...no?

1.) What's your favorite color?
I don't have one
baby blue- pink-yellow-soft green
who the hell cares

2.) Do you ever stare at members of ur sex with a desirful look?
yep.. all the time.
its a half and half thing...gotta spread the love around.
no.. ew.
i have ..once or twice.. idk.. i was confused.
i dont look at people. there gross.

3.) Have people ever thought you were a member of the oposite sex (i.e if ur a guy have they ever thought u were a girl and vice versa for girls)
Yep they think it all the time
no they know what i am .. i made sure of it -wink wink-
like i give a damn

4.) Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about about u and a member of the same sex?
yah.. i have dreams about it.. good dreams.. -tries to fall asleep-
yeah but its usually my gf..(for girls) bf..(for boys)
oh god ew
umm..yeah .. it was weird
why would you even ask that.
yep and im proud of it! IT WAS HOT AND KINKY

5.) Do you already know your sexuality and ur just taking this quiz cuz ur bored?
yeah. howd ya guess?
no.. i was hoping you could help me find out.. my place.. 2 hours.. -wink-
idk if i do

6.) Did you have fun
yes. yes i did... thanks!
no.. LOSER!
idk.. everythings such a blur to me

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