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» Quiz: Where do you 2 stand?
Where do you 2 stand?
created by onenonlybabeegirl

are you and someone just friends?? or more than that?? or are you just...I need some "bang bang" buddies??? find out where you guys stand...??

1.) When the both of you are together what usually happens??
We just chill
we hug and talk about stuff...indept stuff...like what's going on...in both of our lives
we either talk about sex or do it...

2.) what do is your favorite part of your other?
part? the part where we chill and hang out with friends..
uhm... I like the part where we spend time together and just open up our minds... and did I mention we can talk about anything?
the part we have sex..

3.) In a couple of years from now where do you see the both of you standing?
I can see us maybe closer than we are.. maybe a future together?
uhm...friends maybe..still having sex?

4.) Are you willing to sacrifice everything for that person?
yeah..well may be???
yes..I would..no crossies..honestly :)
not really...

5.) Do you believe that there is spark between the two of you?
not really.. were friends...well that's what's for my point of view..
yes..well possibly..it's a gutt feeling
yes!!!! I know there is..no need to think twice..
uhm...does doing it count?
let's see I guess if we do it...yeah there is..

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