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» Quiz: Are you truly a book freak?
Are you truly a book freak?
created by Lady_Lancelot

Find out if you are book crazy.

1.) If is a nice saturday night. What are you doing?
I'm sorting through my bookshelf to see if there is a book I haven't read yet.
I just sat down the book I had to read for school (it sucks) and now I'm looking for my makeup bag.
I'm at the bar or gambling...oh ya and I'm getting drunk. then mumbles to self,

2.) You go to the mall. What store do you run to first?
The bookstore!!! I heard they got the next Dragonlance book in to day!!! (squeals in excitment)
Limited 2...dah!
Mall? Nah...i'm at the casino winnin big

3.) (sorry but I have to give you the dreaded question) What's your favorite color?
White like the dear dear pages in my new book.
Pink,hot pink,any type of pink
Something that will get the barmaids attention

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