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» Quiz: Which Reservoir Dogs character are you?
Which Reservoir Dogs character are you?
created by twiztid_clown

1.) How do you deal with situations?
Simple and to the point
By your own rules
you deal with it when it comes
You make the rules and they dont change
what ever daddy says

2.) what color do you want to be?
it doesnt matter
no complaint
daddy says i dont have to be a color
im the boss biatch!
i'll take whats given

3.) When others dont cooperate, what do you do?
kill them
make them
by the rules
fix the problem anyway you can
eliminate them however you need to
oops i messed up dont choose this one

4.) when cops get in your way what do you do?
interigate them
i am a cop
kill them
stash the goods
elude them
they'll never find me

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