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» Quiz: What Enya song are you?
What Enya song are you?
created by ~Lady Lancelot~

1.) What is your favorite animal?
Any animal that will dance to the beautiful music I play
Dolphin...they are soooo awsome!!
Wolf...no...bear...no fox...no wolf...no bear...Oh I DONT KNOW!!
Horses!!! Horses!! HOrses!

2.) What instrument do you like the most?
I like drums,tambarine (sry bout spelling),flute,and harpsicord

3.) What is your favorite color?
Anything bright and cheery
Something that will stand out in battle fields...white perhaps
Hmmm...greens,light pinks,yellow,you know any pastel colors

4.) Finally what did you think of this quizz?
It was...ok
I LOVED IT!!! Now please tell me which song I am
Give it to the other realm!! In other words HELL WITH THE QUIZZ!!
It was cool

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