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» Quiz: Are you a werewolf?
Are you a werewolf?
created by xxkickyourassxx

See if you have the wolf in you and do this quiz!

1.) You like the taste of blood?
BABARIANS! Drinking blood, I tell ya.... it's disgusting!!!
It's ok, I suppose...
HELL YEAH! I have it every day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between meal snacks... >:)
Jam is better

2.) There's a full moon out tonight...
Wicked! Call me a freak or whatever but I love full moons!
.... and your point is?
Ooh, they're pretty...

3.) Fav animal?

4.) Choose your favourite house....
Well it's not a house but I'd love to live in the woods...
..... a house?!??
Hmm..... a gothicy castle

5.) Fav movie?
Ginger Snaps/American Werewolf in London
Harry Potter/The Craft
The Nutty Professor/Scary Movie

6.) Last question...
Thank god, now hurry up and show me my results before I bite you!
Like, whatever...

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