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» Quiz: Which Ginger Snaps character are you?
Which Ginger Snaps character are you?
created by xxkickyourassxx

Here you can find out which Ginger Snaps (the first one, not the second or third) character you are most like. You have the results of Ginger Fitzgerald, Brigitte Fitzgerald, Pamela Fitzgerald (the mother), Trina Sinclair, Jason McCardy and Sam. Enjoy!

1.) What's your favourite colour?

2.) What's your favourite hobbie?
Watchin chicks.... mmm.... go baby!!! Damn they are fine...
Gardening, looking after the pansies.... ooh they are so pretty....
Gossiping to my friends,buying lipgloss
Slitting my wrists. Pain is good.
Taking death photos with my friends. Hey, it's fun! Well, not to the other people in my neighbourhood but it is to me!

3.) What's your favourite food?
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE strawberry gateaus!!! So nice....
More weed...
Gimme anything but BLOOD! YUK!
I never eat. I'm always cooking!!

4.) What's your favourite animal out of these six?
Weed's an animal....... right?

5.) Are you self conscious?
I'm fat!!
Nah. They must all be on speed to look like that...
Hey, what's wrong with speed?
I'm just fine the way I am.
I don't care. I'm gonna die soon anyway.
Eeeek where's my diet pills?

6.) Favourite quote?
No way!
Don't you Jesus me!
Looks like you're DOA on the dog!
Why don't you get the FUCK outta my van, assholes?
We just need a place to come and smoke, man!

7.) This is the last question....
Thank fuck. Hurry up so I can go do something else.
Like, whatever... I don't really care....
Ooooh did I win?
Ok dudes...
Ok then! I'm looking forward to another quiz soon.
Like, gimme my smokes, man....

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