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» Quiz: Find out what horse breed you really are
Find out what horse breed you really are
created by rbbhorsegirl

You have never taken a horse quiz like this

1.) What traits would desribe you the most
You are powerful and versatile. You are courageous but have a will of your own.
You are naturally hardy and are able to survive in the harshest environment. You are long-lived, robust and sound.
You are friendly and intelligent.
You have a lovable character and a easy temperament. You are also robust, impressive, and are free-moving.
Your are valuable and fast. You are courageous to the extreme and highly strung. You often have difficult temperaments.
You are of great presence. You although not fast, are agile and athletic.
You are fiery, courageous but innately gentle. You are beautiful. You have stamina to burn and energy. You are very smart.
You are strong and extraordinary. You are spirited but intellligent and easily managed. You have stamina and are hardy.
You are hardy, agile, and often very fast. You are a free-spirit. Strength and perservearence are obvious.
You are calm and have a tendency to be lazy. You do not get scared as often as others.
You are very smooth with a naturally good-temper.
You are hardy and very even-tempered. You are vesatile and calm.

2.) What country or part of a country interests you the most? Also, think about what background you would want?
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Middle East
Massachusetts and Vermont
Western states in the U.S.
All over the United States

3.) What would you want to excel in?
Harness, plow, carry packs, and good under saddle.
Harness, rides with little children, field work with heavy loads.
Cart pulling, being a pet.
Harness, circus work.
Racing, cross-country.
Pleasure riding.
Showing in saddle and harness.
You live in the wild.
Working with cattle, sprinting.
Being smooth. Very, no one else is smoother.
Carriage and farm horse.

4.) What climate would you prefer to live in?
Freezing and Taiga.
Cool temperature.
Temperate, controlled.
Cool temperature, sometimes freezing.
Pretty even and cool, wet.
Hot temperature.
Even temperature, moist and humid.
Dry and sunny.
Very even.
Very wet, marshy.
Cool and nice.

5.) What markings on your apperance would you want to be most noted for?
Small. With a full mane and tail.
Thick, full mane. Always black. Feathering on legs. Arched neck that is carried proudly.
Tiny, cute. Sometimes have spots.
Dun dorsal stripe running from forelock to tail tip, zebra-barred legs.
Tall and lean.
Wavy, long mane and tail that are luxuriant.
Refined, long mane and tail.
Dished profile. High tail set. Small, tapered muzzle.
Stocky, muscular.
Short-coupled body with barrel having square appearance.
Massive hindquarters, stocky.
Huge, broad body.

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