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» Quiz: What Lacuna Coil Comalies Song Are You??
What Lacuna Coil Comalies Song Are You??
created by Angels_Punishment

Take this quiz you can be one of the songs from Comalies

1.) How would you describe yourself?
Feeling Down and like destiny betrayed you
Like your true love lied to you and you betrayed him/her
That people need to give destiny another chance to dance
That you need to run away to that place in your heart where you're safe
That you're a deciever of many, especially yourself
You're flooded wtih emotion
You need to stop denying the past
Everyone is moving on without you
No one cares how you feel
You're entwined with someone you love
That no one understands you
War will soon destruct your mind
You're being looked past

2.) Pick Some Lyrics
It's just another daythe shame is gonehard to believethat I've let it goDestiny can't replace my lifeScary shadows of my pastare alive
why did I choose to betray youSomething wrongwith all the plans of my lifeI didn't realize that you've been here
Walking through a life decayedwhile you're repeatingyour mistakesThere's another chanceto try to get away
There's a placeyou've run awaythat is in your heartit is in your heartIn your heartYour love again
Liar, you tempt meI don't know what to dono guilt is in my heartI don't know what to doI'm not the reason
There's a sortof inner dancetrying to seduce mefeeling this anomalywhich takes meYour touchYou're hereYour heart
You want it allthe greatest smileWho wants to deny forever?You're made of iceI pay the pricefor all you unforgiveness
Do you really want to be me?You're moving onwe'll never be apartjust drain my tearsI cry aloud
Clawing up my eyesI'm feeling your arms around meOn the other sideIt's time to goI'm hearing your voicewithout wordsOn the other side
I wonderhow can I live on and onwhen you want to live in a hurryYou are the wall-that I-That I have to removeAnd I swallowI swallow my pride
Teasing purenessof your liessoreness of adelightful missionBurning upinside your mindyou belongto my possessions
The bitter bloodof a children's cryinside the truthfar from my skywar - destructionwar - destruction
Slegami Dal mio rimorso,sei diversomentre muoio e poirisorgo dentro teFinch vivrricordarti cossar una colpa eterna su di me

3.) Favorite Color?
Black... like my sunken Heart
Red, anger
The sunrise... beginning of daylight, when I dance
Light colors
Anything that is for deception
Red, my heart
Blue, the sky high feelings I have
Grey, White or Black, unearthly and ghostly
I don't have one...
A rainbow.. so together
Anything holy
Sky blue and blood red, war and destruction
Just, my color

4.) What song do you like best?
Heavens A Lie
Daylight Dancer
Self Deception
Tight Rope
The Ghost Woman and The Hunter
The Prophet Said
Angels Punishment
Not sure

5.) Do you like?
Yes, very fun
Not really
Not sure
Hummm why ask me?

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