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» Quiz: Which Daria character are you?
Which Daria character are you?
created by LILhornytoad

Like the show Daria? LOVE the show Daria? Take this quiz and find out who on the show you are most like.

1.) What is your outlook on high school?
I graduated. Now I prefer not to think about it. I'm hungry....
The less human contact I have, the better off everyone else will be. Don't touch me.
Ah, how I fondly recall me wanting to beat the bejeesus out of everyone around me.
OMG, I loved high school! It was a chance for everyone to see me- everyday!
Supporting friends and classmates was my forte. Go, me!
AARGH! I hate everyone! Everyone is too stupid to talk to!
I loved, shared, cried, and grew. Though it was/is hard, I got through it and became a better person.
It was my chance to attract the opposite sex. Rrrrrrrrrrrroooooooowrrrrr!

2.) What are the qualities of your best friend?
Friends? Who needs friends? I want lovers!
Someone who won't mind when I fall asleep when they're over.
People who care about me, and who I can talk to.
someone sarcastic, pessimistic, and cynical. What a friend.
someone who understands my work.
someone who likes the same fashions and has the same taste in guys as me
someone involved in the same hobbies as me, and who won't care that I hang out with my partner more
someone who I can order around, and who takes my advice(whether they like it or not)

3.) What's your favorite movie(out of the available choices)?
Bring it On!
The Ladies Man
The Best of Nine Inch Nails on DVD
Full Metal Jacket
In the Company of Men

4.) Which of these celebrities would you want to have lunch with?
Mark Twain
Mother Theresa
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jack Nicholson
Blind Melon
Tommy Hilfiger

5.) Which qualities fit your ideal mate?
someone who accepts me
someone who listens to me, even if I am spouting off nonsense
someone hot, with good fashion sense
someone with energy and who loves to have fun
someone kinky, with lots of toys
someone who loves music(duh!)
someone who hates everyone but me
someone who thinks outside the box, and paints it, too

6.) Which of these accesories would you rather have?
a kinky piercing
a bottle of happy pills
a book of poems
really cute hip huggin jeans
a raygun
a straight jacket
a ball gag and blindfold
a cute uniform

7.) Finally, who on Daria do you think you're most like?
Brittany( I love being perky!)
Jane- I hate you, but I love to draw, paint, etc.
Trent- ZZZzzz
Upchuck- Man, am I horny, or what?
That one teacher with the bulging eye- dude, he's friggin funny!
Quinn- I'm not really shallow, but I love clothes and boys...
Daria- duh. Like, who else would I want to fucking be?
Mr.O Neill. I can be so oblivious to the secret meanings behind people's words, but I love poetry and literature.

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