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» Quiz: Which character from my Yu-yu Hakusho daydreams are you?
Which character from my Yu-yu Hakusho daydreams are you?
created by Ferret

Another stoopid quiz.Name says all.1 result is not an actual character but a figment of my imagination.

1.) What color do you think is pretty?
Red,pink,yellow,and blue
Just red and pink
Black and blood red

2.) Where would(or do)you live?
A tree or cave away from people
With my mother
With a pesimistic older sister
With a stoopid drunk
In a mysterious forest and a black garden with a waterfall

3.) What are you most likely to say?
Listen Shrimp!
Indeed(followed by a big complicated sentence)
Do you have a deathwish?
Listen stoopid!
First one to kill him wins!

4.) What's your wepon?
Spirit gun
Spirit sword
Rose whip
Poison or an ambush

5.) How do you laugh?
Cutely giggle
I don't laugh unless I've beaten my enemy

6.) Are you a demon?
Of course not!They're stoopid!
My dad was the lord of the makai...
I was resurected into a human
Humans are pathetic
Demon,but looks human

7.) What are you afraid of?
Big scarey monsters
Some idiot killing my friends
Someone killing my mother
A koormie(ice demon)That's all you're getting
Not much..

8.) Situation:You just had a demons hand pierce your gut!What are ya going to do?
Scream in pain
Spirit gun!
Use my rose whip
Unleash my dragon
Blast them to oblivion!HA!I was the first to kill him!

9.) Situation:You have to defeat a brainiac without physically harming him.How ya goin' to do that?
Tell Kurama to do it.
Get frustrated
Try to kill him and fail.I'll never hear the end of this...
Play a word game and get him to scream the taboo
Put poison into 2 cups(both of them)First 1 to drink and die loses.(Ha!I'm immune to poison!)

10.) Situation:You are racing your friends.What are you going to say?
Last one there is a cultavated human!
I am Youko!I shall not lose!
Wait for me!

11.) What would you rate this quiz?
It sucked
Hn.Waste of time
Oh!Fun!Can I do it again?
I could do better!
It was decent.

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