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» Quiz: How dark is your soul?
How dark is your soul?
created by Fey

Oh, come on. Everyone's got a little bit of Lucifer in them. Just depends on how much, doesn't it?

1.) MIght as well get it over and done with...choose a colour!
Swamp brown
Blood Red
Fire-y orange
Magical Purple
Abyss Black

2.) Okay, those white-robed tinsel-halo wearing pansies (aka, god's divine angels) have just foiled a plan you've spent CENTURIES working on. What's your method of revenge?
Summon the relatives. You'll spend the next few centuries taunting them and making their lives a painful as possible.
Burn off their wings.
Whip out one of those spells you keep in reserve. Summon a minor demon to devour their children or something like that.
Hunt them down, every last one.
All of the above. And more.

3.) Ooooh! A child with candy! How do you react?
You take the candy. Give it to another child. Watch the first one cry. Take the candy away from the second one. Watch them both cry. Eat the candy.
Magically, turn the candy into a giant spider which devours the child alive whilst you laugh, yet simultaneously wish you'd kept the candy.
Set fire to the child. You have a thing with fire.
Eat the candy AND the child. Waste not want not.
Snatch the candy and hold it out of the crying child's reach. Giggle hysterically. Keep this up for a few decades.

4.) It's your birthday. You've just been given the thing you most wanted. What is it?
Lumps of human flesh.
A make-your-own-vomit kit.
A book of resurrection spells.
Another doomsday device. One can never have to many. This one's a flesh-devouring virus.
Box of matches. Petrol. Map to the nearest school.

5.) Man, being evil is hard work. You fancy a vacation. Where?
Transylvania. Dracula always loves to have company.
The Daughters of Darkness convention. Those witches have such original ideas. This year they've trained a basilisk.
Hawaii. You'll sit on a beach and watch a volcano crush the natives.
Infect yourself with a disease that you happen to be immune to. Go play in the human world a bit. Make sure you're contagious and come into contact with EVERYBODY.
A vacation? I live in Hell. Why would I want to be anywhere else?

6.) Okay, last one. Were you born evil?
I was born to crush, and tear and destroy the opposition.
I was born to cause havoc and mischief. Someone has to, and the job perks are amazing.
I was summoned into being by the nightmares of children.
I was made. To cause pain. Is that the same thing?

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