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» Quiz: What kind of fairie are you ?(girlz only)
What kind of fairie are you ?(girlz only)
created by MaRiLyNmAnSoNfAn13

are you a nature or dark fairie this quiz will tell you(beautiful picz)

1.) Ok let's begin,What is your favorite color ?
Golds,silver anything bright
Blacks greys anything dark .
The natural colors of the world like browns and greens .
All the colors because they're all unique .
Red's and browns like my dog .

2.) Ok, so your walking down the street and you find 100 dollars what do you do ?
Turn it in to the police .
Keep it and go shopping what else ?
Keep it and spend it on plants to put in the park .
Keep it and spend it on more art supplies .
Keep it and buy something nice for my pet .
nothing .

3.) Next,what do your wings look like ?
Long white and when I fly I am very graceful and beautiful .
Dark and shadowy,I don't want to be seen .
Just like butterfly wings very beatiful and swift .
Long like an angels but full of color like a rainbow .
I don't have wings I have paws

4.) What powers would you have ?
The power to heal and to make life happy .
The power to kick oyur ass and to kill it too .
The power to rid pollution from the world and to heal the ozone layer .
The power to paint the sky any color I want .
The power to Stop animal torture and to save the endangered animals

5.) Ok last question where would you live ?
In the sky where i look down on earth .
In the shadows were I can't be seen .
In a forest ful of life and nature .
Out by the ocean were I can't be inspired by the colors .
In the wild with the animals .

6.) I lied what are you going to do now ?
nohting you are just having fun .
I'm going to kick ouyr ass then kill you BITCH !!!
Nothing I am to busy outside .
Nothing i'm paiting something .
Sick my dog on you .

7.) Now honestly this is the last one .
oh ok !
OH to bad !
Ok! TTFN Ta Ta For Now
(dog gives you a kiss)Rover says good-bye too !

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