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» Quiz: Could you be a wolf?
Could you be a wolf?
created by Kaya

Do you think you could be a wolf? Would you be able to survive the life of a wolf or are you some little kitty who has lost there way!!

1.) Are you good at long distance traveling or running?
Sure a few dozen miles never hurt anyone!!
No way, let me stay where i am thank-you!!
A blt of traveling never hurt anyone!

2.) Meat, Yes or No?
I don't mind it's all right i guess.
Hell no, give me vegtables any day!!
Yes, yes i love meat all kinds as long as it starts with 'm' and ends with 'eat'!

3.) Do you like working with others?
Sure, it's the only way if you want to survive, work with a group and you can achieve so much more!!
No way i live by myself, i don't do well with others!!
I don't mind either way i am not very picky.

4.) Do you like to lead or follow?
I am in charge all the time everyone must follow me. I am the head of the group!
Do i care as long as i can sleep out in the sun.
Not really, i prefer to follow at the back and do as i am told.

5.) Where would you like to live?
Some where nice, but open.
Forest or some where cold. Mostly forest though!!
Any where nice and comfy where i can rest.

6.) Which of your senses do you find most useful?

7.) Lastly, which of time of day are you most active?
Early morning
Any time as long as it is nice weather.

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