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» Quiz: which rock band do u belong in???
which rock band do u belong in???
created by idiotx2

ever wondered what rock band u kood b in??? well find out here... (punk, metal, emo... etc....) many possibilities!!!

1.) you just joined a band. u decide 2 do a cover instead of your own songs. what song would u rather play?
mxpx- punk rock show
korn: alive
the offspring: cant get my head around u
goldfinger: im down
slipknot: duality
saliva: always
incubus: megalomaniac
unwritten law: the rest of my life
uuuummm.... cant choose... i like all of them !

2.) friday!!! ur off 4 the weekend!!! no school , no work... NOTHING!!!! whats the first thing u do when u get home?
go scare all the little children on my block
sit in the corner w/ my guitar and attempt 2 write a song
turn on some LOUD music and headbang !!!!
just get 2gethr w/ my budz and hang.... nothing else 2 do
smoke some weed...
get my band 2gethr and practice... we have a gig saturday and we still didnt decide on the songs!!!!
im grounded...... my rents wont let me outta the fukin house!!!!!!!!!!!
good question..... i dunno....
get my skateboard and terrorize the neighbors

3.) this is an old question but i gotta ask it.... pik a kolor
neon green & blak!!!!!
black... just black....
i like the natural colors (brown, tan etc.)
red...... cant get enough....
all kolorz
blu ......
anything dark.... none of that pink krap!!!!!!

4.) what do u most often say when something bad happens?
oh well, shit happenz
dammit!!!! y me???!!!!
fuck that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont say anything i take my anger out thru muzik

5.) last but not least chooz ur faverite bands out of these::::
cradle of filth
dimmu borgir
the offspring

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