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» Quiz: Which 'Queer as Folk' Season One character are you?
Which 'Queer as Folk' Season One character are you?
created by iloveasexxxieuniform

Yep, many straight women and gay men gather around their T.V. sets each week to watch this awesome show. Even if you haven't seen this show, which I and several others would declare a sin, take this quiz and tell your 'Queer as Folk' obssesed friends who you are!

1.) If you were confronted at Babylon (the popular gay nightclub) by a hot dancer who asked you to dance, what would you do?
Slink onto the dance floor with him, dancing all on him (it would be sex if you had your clothes off) and lead him to the 'back hall'.
Blush and look at you friends, seeking approval.When you're pushed to go dance with him, you are hurled in to a crowd of people after your shy efforts
Grab his hand and drag him to the dance floor, then realize hey! I'm too good-lookin' for just one man, and gather into a crowd.
Politely say,
Babylon? I don't have time for that, I have a cafe to run. (But I would say yes, given the opportunity.)
I don't need Babylon. I'm in a successful relationship, with the woman I love, and Brian couldn't even ruin that.
I haven't been to Babylon in a while. I have a new baby and life is good.

2.) If you were to go shopping with your new inheritance from you Great Aunt Agatha, who was only mildly rich and seems to have given it all to you, what would you buy?
Baby clothes and things for little Gus, and maybe even use it for groceries.
Use it for me and my wife, 'toys' etc. and a good bit on our family (baby).
I would help my brother pay for his medications, fix up the cafe, neccessities.
I'd save some for college, use some to buy art stuff, and hell! Par-tay!!!
I'M INVESTING THIS INHERITANCE! It's not every day my Great Aunt Agatha dies. Well, maybe I'll use it on nifty office supplies.
Baby, this money is going to a foundation, the foundation of me! Can anyone say SHOPPING SPREE?!!
The money will probably be used to help out my mom, but some of it will go to me too. I'd get some cool comics and maybe fund a business.
I'm saiving half and spending half to get my car repainted. (Anyone besides me remember the kids painting this? NM)

3.) If you were a color what would you be?
Passion Red
Teddy Bear Brown
Envy Green
Lovely Pastels
Business Gray
Half-cut Shirt Orange
If PFLAG was a color.
Sex God Black

4.) Out of these, which object would you be?
Coffee Cup- I spend the nights thinking.
Book- I read before I go to bed.
Baby Bottle, literally- I have a newborn.
New Bike- I've just come out and I'm a new model, but I know I'll get ridden and more than once.
Gavel- I belong in the courtroom because I like the facts and a final answer to everything.
Lubricant- We all know why I'm this.
Feather Boa- I am FABULOUS!
My Comic Books- Everyone loves them and I'll get paid for them.

5.) Relationships are:
something only the old have.
my 'liquid' dreams
things i wish i had but i always feel safe with my best friend.
things to be avoided at this point in my life. Maybe later.
new to me in this department.
a fleeting thing.
to be watched over like a hawk. You never know if someone else might wanna 'drop in'.
things of the heart and should be cared with as much love as a new baby.

6.) Age is:
a number
my biological clock ticking, only no one knows i think this.
coming too soon.
no comment.
something that shot me, buried me, and soon will dance on my grave.
something that keeps me form drinking and smoking legally.
something i want to forget.
something im coping with gracefully.

7.) What kind and color hair do you have?
blonde- short
dark blonde/mid brown- tastefully sculpted
brown- short/uniform cut
blonde- shaggy/straight or shaggy/curly
maroon red/colors other than natural- funky style
brown/black- medium/long
Blonde- medium/long

8.) Are you Male or Female? What number do you like best?
Male- 1
Female- 100
Female- 5

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