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» Quiz: Which Princess Mononoke Character are you?
Which Princess Mononoke Character are you?
created by Kaya

Who are you in the great struggle, do you wish to save the forest or are you out to destroy it, find out who you are!!

1.) Where do you live?
I travel alone
I live in the forest with my mother and brothers
I live in a large town
I live in the forest with my children
I move around a lot with my troops
I live in the forest with all my brothers and sisters

2.) What is your weapon of choice?
Bow and Arrow
Large Gun
My teeth or claws
My troops but i am pretty mean hand to hand myself
click-i don't want to fight-click

3.) What is most important to you?
Getting the humans out of my forest
Protecting my town and my girls
Saving the forest but getting that gun woman is high up there too

4.) What are you?
I am a warrior
I am a wolf do you hear me a wolf!!
I am not what i appear to be
I am a mother
What does it matter what i am, i just want to get by in life
I am me-Click

5.) Last but not least, if you where part of the struggle, what side would you take?
I don't take sides i just want peace
The forest must be protected get rid of the humans and their guns!!
Iron town will survive wipe out the wolves and iron town shall be free to grow
Save the forest, kill the gun woman, i will die soon so i must save the forest.
I will work for anyone who pays me!
I don't take sides i guide and watch!

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