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» Quiz: Who's Your Harry Potter Lover?
Who's Your Harry Potter Lover?
created by Scheherazade

For girls or gay guys. Find out which person from Harry Potter should be your lover!

1.) You're walking down the hall and you see your crush. What does your crush look like?
Kinda small, but really confident.
Tall, pale, with dark hair, wearing black.
Kinda small, but arrogant in that irresistably antagonizing way.
Well. Kinda old. But... It's what's inside that matters, right?
The average suburban male, I suppose.
Tall, too skinny, and very freckly.
I don't really know; I can't tell him and his brother apart.
Tall, arrogant, always carrying books or talking to teachers.
Short, gorgeous, with thick, long hair.
Your crush is never in the halls- only on the Quidditch field.

2.) Let's say that (for some reason) you get a date with your crush. Where do you go?
To the World Cup!
To Quidditch practice.
To a library.
To the dungeons.
To a government building for a nice tour.
To your crush's father's house.
Through a secret path to Zonko's.
To the Room of Requirement. For who knows what.
Wherever your crush's friends are.
To the zoo or an amusement park.

3.) What happens afterwards?
You walk back... Alone, because your crush is still at the Quidditch field.
You fall asleep studying with your crush.
Your crush escorts you home and gives you a kiss on the cheek.
Your crush politely brings you home, knocks on the door after you've closed it, and sets off some sort of small, harmless explosion- just to scare you
Your crush nervously brings you home, blushing and stammering the whole time.
Your crush does what an average man will do; exchange numbers and give you a small kiss.
Your crush, though nervous, acts somewhat confident, if stupid, and brings you back. Then your crush might give you a quick, nervous kiss.
Your crush talks to you about your grades and what you think of all of your teachers.
What could happen afterwards that hadn't already happened?
Your crush shows you all of his cool pets and gizmos.

4.) Pick a song lyric.
"Harder, better, faster, stronger, our work is never over."
"We read books; in turn, we learn- but what? Without love, we know nothing."
"The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees; I want the money!"
"I'd fight a thousand dementors- die a thousand deaths for you!"
"I used to have a hamster tree, but it was eaten by a newt and now I have no cuddly fruit."
"If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends!"
"Let's go to the suburbs, where women stand short in jean capris."
"Age matters no more than the price of a gift you got for free."
"Take off them pants and maybe I'll love you for an hour or so."
"Your eyes are so cruel... Just as mine are so cruel."

5.) What kind of pet does your crush have?
A fashionable owl, of course.
A broomstick... It counts.
A pet that no one else really likes- your crush is such a kindhearted person!
Your crush has no pets. No one likes your crush.
No pets for your crush, please- they are far too messy, stinky, and needy!
A dragon!
Your crush only wants pets that explode and poop on floors and cool stuff like that.
Something unusual and exotic.
A faithful pet, like a dog.
A little, excited dog.

6.) And last of all, at graduation, your crush announces to the ENTIRE school their feelings for you. What does your crush say?

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