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» Quiz: Which Inuyasha Character Suits you best? girl only
Which Inuyasha Character Suits you best? girl only
created by sotaku

Find out who in inuyasha suits you best! Sorry girls only...I don't wanna do multi-gender.

1.) What would your date do if someone nearly chopped of your head and is willing to continue trying to chop of your head?
God damnit duh save you! Your date will go straight into battle!
Your date thinks you can handle yourself and at the last second when you nearly die they help.
Your date leaves you to die.
Your date steps forward and after identifying the demon/attacker, your date uses the 'right' attack.
Your date insults the enemy and attacks it.

2.) What do you consider your date?
Strong and Short-Tempered
Cold and Mysterious
Evil and Manipulating
Nice but a bit Perverted
Short-tempered and highly protective of it's own kind

3.) Sex?
Your date thinks its a waste of time
Your date tells you: Naah, wouldn't wanna harm ya
Your date pretends to accept then steals your power, soul and shikon jewel shard
Your date accepts happily
Your date thinks about it and maybe eventually accepts

4.) Idea of romantic date?
Anywhere but this quizzy place...
Why do I care? You wanted to date so you choose.
Haunted Mansions, Deserted palaces...
Village. Or alone in the forest
cave. Best food best serving.

5.) How did you and your date fall in love with eachother?
Dunno. Guess she was too feisty and nice. Damn it.
Your date says you were poisened, then he saves you and after you said thankyou he starts to develop feelings for you
You had a shikon shard and he had a lot. :D
Your date healed you
Looks aren't deceiving.

6.) What would your date do if you tried to kiss him?
Accept it but in a confused way
Slowly kiss you
Pretend to accept, then steal ur soul and take all the shards from your body
Accept immediately and try to make it last long
Depends on the look. if he thinks ur pretty, he accepts.

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