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» Quiz: Your own fantasy journey...
Your own fantasy journey...
created by fckd_up_psycho

How will yours turn out?

1.) You are walking home from a friends house alone and it is nearly midnight. You look behind you because you think you saw something, there's nothing there. You get the shivers and continue to head home, heading the rest of the way home, you...
continue to walk
run as far as your lungs will carry you
sprain your ankle and continue to walk on with a limp
protect yourself with magicks
leap and pounce as far as you can, to trick anything into believing that you are a wild, feral animal
hope that eeryone/thing will avoid because you're so god-damn ugly

2.) It starts to thunder and you continue to walk, the heaven's (metaphorically) open and it starts to rain heavily. What do you do?
Find the nearest manhole and jump in
Return to the cemetery, you're already dead, and wouldn't you frighten your parents if you returned as normal?
Find some cover underneath a tree, it's thundering but what are the chances of being struck?
Shake the rain off and continue to leap and pounce
Protect yourself with magicks of course
Shelter yourself with you coat above your head and pace faster

3.) The rain and thunder start to ease off and you return from your shelter. Fog starts to set in, every step you take, the fog gets thicker. You stop and look around, struggling to see. You can't, you assume where you are and continue to walk in the same direction. Only you're not and all of a sudden you...
Fall into an open grave
Trip over a manhole cover
Jump. Something has you. You're not sure what, but it won't let go...
Realise your magicks have worn thin and you won't be able to save yourself or others incase something happens...
Cough, the fog seems to be poisoned, you choke and fall to the ground, unconscious.
Become aware of everything, your eyes adjust to the fog and can see through it. You can see the full moon and howl to it

4.) Part 2 will come soon, unless some other person wants to do it of course... who are you?
No one
A wolf 3 days out of the month
a witch
A clumsy, stupid mindless freak
Wouldn't you like to know

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