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» Quiz: What Horse R U
What Horse R U
created by My_Horsey_Is_Lingo

Horse Quizzy

1.) How Well Groomed Is Ur Mane And Tail?
Clean And Shiny
Little Chunks Of Dirt In It (Also Some Grass)
Doesn't Look To Be There!!!!?
Long Very Long Hair But Very Silky

2.) What Colour R U?
Bays, Blacks, Grays, And Any Other Colours That Are Out There
Bay, Chestnut, Black Or Gray; Roans Are Seen Only Rarely
Nobody Knows Ur Mysterious
Piebald - Black and White Blotches
Grays, Whites , Blacks, And Browns

3.) What Style Of Riding Do U Mostly Do?
English Riding Is More My Fancy
I Can Be Anything U Want Me To B
I Test My Strength On Those Big And Heavy VANS
Im Not Really Into All The Riding Stuff

4.) If Ur Owner Gives U This Ucky Sloppy Bran Mash While The Horse Next Stall Gets Yummy Carrots, Hay, And Oats. What Do U Do?
Luckily In The Stall Next Door Is A New Horse. U Trade Ur Food
Huh Wut I Wuz 2 Bizzy Eating My Yummy Supper
My Owner Wouldn't Even Give Me Such A Gross Thing
Knock It Over And Hope Ur Owner C's It And Gets U Something Else (Hopefully Not The Same Thing)
O Well Mine As Well Eat Thats All Ur Gettig ......... Unless? Neighs Maniacally!!!!

5.) How Do U Feel About Studs?
Who Needs Them I Don't Wanna B A Mother
Invite Them Over Anytime
Not For Me I Have No Good BL (BL- Blood Lines) :'(
Whats A Stud??
Its All I Ever Think About I Have Great Ancestors Like

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