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» Quiz: What x files character are you?
What x files character are you?
created by Lenorabel

Something everyone has to know..

1.) Do you work for the greater good?
Always, it is my mission.
Always, it is my mission.
Sometimes you have to save yourself first, but I do what I can.
Sometimes you have to save yourself first but I do what I can.
I do what I feel like mostly.
Screw everyone else. I have my carefully laid plans.
I'm neutral, myself

2.) Do you Believe?
of course
I'll decide when I've seen all I can
I don't know what to delive, with all that goes on
Believe? I create these things
I know for a fact
I know for a fact

3.) What's your job?
Secrative informant, doer of dark deeds, etc
Truth seeker, I follow my ideas and dreams
Fact finder, I work for justice and new knowledge
I have to keep everything in order around here and sometimes deal with things i would rater not even think about
I'm just trying to stay alive. I deal in information and lives, but only because i dont have much choice.
I am the secret force behind the scenes, though even I am not in control of everything

4.) Do you see yourself as...
A normal person swept into bigger things?
A normal person but very driven, whom circumstances have affected greatly
A great leader
able to do the dirty work and use others for your purposes
a rational person with hopes and dreams and some conflicting opportunities
sometimes a pawn in someone elses game, sometimes able to call the shots

5.) what;s most important to you?
great, unseen goals
personal quests
staying ahead of the game

6.) from where do you draw your energy?
pressure from others
the truth
your power, minions, etc
average pleasures
knowing youre on to something big

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