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» Quiz: What you'd do if you were this dude 1000 years ago...
What you'd do if you were this dude 1000 years ago...
created by Gistle

Okay! Lets say your a person 1000 years ago. (U know, age of creatures and magic) Lets see what kind of a person you would make them!

1.) You wake up and go outside. There is a REALLY cute boy or girl fast asleep in your barn! Watcha gunna do?!
A. Gentle shake her awake and ask what she is doing here.
C. Wake her up then recite say some stupid punch line.
D. Pick her up and bring her inside the house so she dont get cold.

2.) (Whether or not you killed her) She says her village was under attck and she needs you! Well?
A. Thats funny- is she talkin about the village I totally ruined last night? Oh well (kills her).
B. Get your REALLY heavy axe and heavy armor and CHAAAAAARGE!!!
C. Flirt with her- I dont care about the village she's (or he) is CUTE!!!!
D. Touch her butt (smack) Ouchie!!!! ... Touch her butt (smack) Ouchie!!!!...
E. Comfort her then go to her village.

3.) As your going to his or her village, you get VERY thirsty. Hey look a river! Do you stop?
A. Yes- and take a bath while Im at it (hopefully a girl will pass by)...
B. No- I can go 10000000 miles with out water! I have to help that woman (or man)!
C. No, I cant waste any time getting a drink! A village was ATTACKED! I cant stop!
D. Yup- they seemed in trouble but I think I see someone CUTER coming this way- better stall!
E. Yeah- why should I be worried about that village? They never did anyting for me! Im thirsy so back off and lemme drink...

4.) An EXTERMLY CUTE boy or girl just came to the river beside you and winked. Ooooh! So what now?!
A. Cut down a tree by flicking it with my fingers- i gotta impress you know!
B. Touch their butt as they bend over... (smack) Ouchie!
C. Compliment them and step closer.
D. Keep going- that first girl was in trouble and I will help her!
E. If she dont look as evil as me- kill. If not though...

5.) You keep going and you fall in a hunter's trap- Oh my! How are you gunna get out?!
A. Carefully think the situation through then escape using my calculations.
B. Sit there and wait for someone to help you....Say that last girl (or boy) was REALLY cute. Mmmmm...
C. Pass the time thinking up new pick up lines.
D. Pull yourself out- ME STRONG!!!
E. Use my evil powers to escape.

6.) You get to the village and its totally crashed. Everyone bought the farm, so what do YOU do?
A. Laugh at the corpses and steal all their stuff.
B. Look down sadly and leave.
C. Look at the girls (or guys) to see which ones would of been cute...
D. You DONT want to know what I did with the bodies...
E. bury them all and pray at their graves.

7.) Welp, you decide to go home and you find the girl left- and she took all of your stuff! What do you do?!
A. Track her down and turn her to dust.
B. Be angrey at first, then relize she had just lost everything and everyone dear to her (or him) and let them go.
C. Sleep in the barn- hey kewl I can see in those girls (or guys) rooms from out here!!!! AWSHOME!
D. Cut down some trees then biuld new furniture. Then later go hunting for food. Its aight...
E. Wonder why this keeps happeneing to you.

8.) Aight, its over now answer the last question- The cute girl or boy you met at the river comes into your village- but dosent have a place to stay! What do you do?
A. Offer my home as a free place for her to stay- of course sleeping on the couch as she sleeps on the bed.
B. Theres plenty of room in 'my barn' heh heh (smack) Ouchie!
C. Kiss her (or him) for a long time. I dunno why... you just... do...
D. Build her a house in like, 10 seconds.

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