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» Quiz: Hero or Villan?
Hero or Villan?
created by Gistle

Are you a good guy or vilage pillager (destroyer)?!

1.) Which sounds more fun?
A. Saving a beautiful boy or girl
B. Burn, orphanage, BURN!!!! MWUHAHAHAHA!!! (Thunder, lightning)

2.) Who would most likely fall in love with you?
A. Someone who loves my evil nature! Cuz I got LOSTA evil! >:)
B. A REALLY cute boy or girl I saved from certain doom.

3.) Who would YOU fall in love with?
A. A strong but sensitive person who will always have my back in battle!
B. Someone who is as evil (and cute!) as me- twice the evil, TWICE THE FUN! MWUHAHAHA!
C. What is this love thing you speak of?!

4.) Last but not least- what is your goal in life?
A. Truth, honor, and happiness!
B. Total world domination! MWUHAHAHAHA!!!! (Thunder, lighting)
C. To fight and save the world! Look out you villans! (heroic theme)

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