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» Quiz: Which Degrassi Character are You???
Which Degrassi Character are You???
created by Badlilangel2you

Degrassi: The Next Generation Quiz with new pics!!!

1.) What is your favorite color???
Don't have one

2.) What are you most likely doing on a Friday night???
Making out with someone else's boyfriend
Hosting an Envrionmental Club meeting
Stealing stuff with my friends
Playing Basketball
Fixing Cars
Organizing the school dance
Cutting Myself
Writing Songs

3.) What kind of clothes do you wear???
Shirts with rock bands on them and jeans
Tight hip huggers, thongs, and really tight shirts that show your belly
Black long sleeved shirts and black skirts
White shirts with hoodies and jeans
Clothes with nature stuff on them
Tight shirts, jeans, and bandanas
Clothes that are out of style and don't match
Only the cutest, coolest new clothes!
White tank tops, a black bra, hoop earrings and baggy pants
Clothes that are 2 years old

4.) What's your favorite subject in school???
Student Council
I love every subject!
Creative Writing
Auto Shop
Don't have one.....skip too much

5.) Pick your favorite quote....
Whatever it takes, right?
Im not jealous, Im appalled. Teachers pet wins again.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
You're late and I'm freezing. I need you to warm me up.
All I need, is for you to keep ignoring me like you normally do.
This is my school and I don't want to see you or talk to you again.
It's not my locker I don't like... it's you.
I don't do group activites.
Ahh! Bee in the car!
Go away little girl. You're annoying me.

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