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» Quiz: Sex Story sorta (girls only)
Sex Story sorta (girls only)
created by Demon_of_love

We are at a club and you see me im sexy and alone lets see what you do

1.) You see me in a club alone in the back corner what do you do
Walk up to me and talk to me and leave
come up to me and talk for a little wile then ask if i want to go to the back room with you ;)
dont do any thing

2.) You push me into the back room theres chains and everything ;) what do you do
chain me to the bed your going to work you magic
beat me up
just make out with me then leave

3.) you chained me to the bed side and start fucking me and 2 other girls come in and want to join
Kick thim out
invite thim in
say no im leaving and locking the door so noone can get in and save him

4.) Lets just say you inveted thim in whare yould you go
let them do it all
you are making out with me and leting me eat you out well the 2 other girls get my rock hard cock

5.) when the fucking is done and we all leave the room what do you do
invite me to your house you parents arnt going to be home for a week ;)
give me a hug and leave
punch me in the balls and leave

6.) when we got to your house you say you have a hottub and pool in your bacement what do you say to me to invite me in
I have a pool and hottub want to swim we can both go with nothing on
im going swiming you can watch TV or something
Tell me the leave you never want me any whare near you

7.) if we wnet to the pool what do in it
swim around tuching each other and in the hottub we have hardcore fucking
you swiming alone im watching TV rember
your in your room im gone all ready

8.) did this quiz make you horny
Yes I want you now
sorta ive done better

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