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» Quiz: Which Daughters of the Moon Character are you? Descriptive.
Which Daughters of the Moon Character are you? Descriptive.
created by moongoddess51

Sooo...which character are you? find out here.

1.) Okay, boring, I know, but what is your fave color?
I like anything, just so long as its loud!
Dark colors, like purple, black, deep blue
Pink or baby blue
Green, yellow, orange...creative colors.:D
Gold or silver
Black and red
white...pure white

2.) KK, lets say your boy/girl dumps you to go out with somebody else...whatchya gonna do?
wait patiently....they will come back.
go out with a new guy/girl for a bit....then go get him/her back!
-gets out gun-
cry, cry, cry.....cry...
you never really had one, anyway
tell your best friend immediately, then try and fix the situation
find the offending bitch who did this! Try to seduce boy back to you
Pray that they'll come back, but move on.

3.) What is your social group?
I don't sink low enough to go near people.:K
Just my best friends.
Gangsters and ghettos
preps, popular kids
artisty people
skate board punks
I keep to myself, mostly. I need to preserve my energies.

4.) Almost done....what would your ideal super power be?
mind control, shape-shifting, power to obliterate anything
read minds.
see into the future
moving stuff with my mind
the power to kill the slut who stole my guy!!!!
To make universal peace...-sigh-

5.) Okay, last one. What's your hobbies?
Torturing people....protecting the one person I can love
instrument, surfing, or dancing
shopping, or picnic with b/f
stalking that bitch who stole my guy...and being an all-around slut

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