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» Quiz: What Movie Horse Are You?
What Movie Horse Are You?
created by DressageFreak25

See what movie horse you resemble! PICTURES!!!!!

1.) You're a horse and a stranger gets on and rides you, what do you do?
You buck, rear, and fall on the ground just to get them off.
You are a perfect lady/gentleman and do as they say.
Talk to them.
BOLT!!!!! Take off a full gallop, like a horse out of the starting gates.
Test them by spooking at everything, yes, even a rock.
Rear, spin, anything to get them off, which means you might jump out of the arena.

2.) Have you ever had a broken heart?
Yes....but it got better.
No....but I have broken many.
No....nor do I choose to have one.
No...but I have touched the hearts of others.
Yes....and I never got over it.
Yes and No.....I have not had a broken heart, but I could not stand to break another.

3.) What is your favorite color?
Brown, anything earthy.
Red, for love
Yellow or gold, so pretty.
White, I'm invisible.
Blue or green, they're so calming.
Black, it's so mysterious.

4.) Choose where your first initional would go.

5.) What is your favorite breed of horse?
Hackney Horse

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