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» Quiz: How Many Times Could You Make Me Cum? (Guys)
How Many Times Could You Make Me Cum? (Guys)
created by megan101986

By answering some questions, I will tell you how many times you could make me cum in a night

1.) If we were on a date, out to dinner and when we got back to my house I invited you inside, what would you do when the door closed?
Stand there shyly not making any eye contact waiting for you to make the first move
Push you up against the door lifting you up to me wrapping your legs around me while i kissed you hard
Take your hands in mine and kiss each of them softly then kiss down your neck making my eyes close and bite my lip
ask wheres the bedroom?

2.) We're getting into things pretty heavily and clothes start to come off do you start touching before or after we're naked?
my hands would be down your pants before you knew what hit you
i'd let you decide and keep stripping until you made the first touch
I would want to see your body completely naked before touching it
umm, I don't think we should move so fast

3.) I just gave you a really great handjob my tiny little fingers wrapped around your huge cock sliding up and down and you want to repay me by eating my pussy you approach it by...
I throw you down on the bed and spread your legs wide and start flicking my tongue on your clit making you scream
I kiss you softly and lay you down on your bed moving down your body rubbing your clit softly before pushing your tongue inside of me
I don't eat girls out, I get sucked
you just go down and start licking everywhere not really concentrating on any one area

4.) You want a blowjob but you don't exactly know how to ask for one you...
After eating me youd slide up my body and kiss me letting me taste myself as you continued to rub my pussy, Is it my turn baby?
I pull you up and kiss u and then start pushing your head down
suck me beautiful!

5.) After I deepthroat your cock and rub your balls and suck u hard you come so close to cumming you decide its time for me to stop and that you wanna fuck my tight little pussy now what position do you start with?
doggy style: i like to grab on and go as hard as i can making you scream
Missonary: I want it to be romantic and for me to be able to look into your eyes
Girl on top: I like to grip onto your ass and slide you back and forth while you bounce on me
In The Ass: It feels best for me

6.) You finally cum inside of me as we orgasm together my pussy clenching around your cock as it slides in and out of me...are things over?
Definately, once I cum I just have no more energy
No way, id be rubbing you and licking you until I was ready for another round
Nah, Id maybe finger you make you cum again but thats it.

7.) After we fell asleep the next morning would end....
As soon as I woke up, I'd be out of there even if you were still sleeping
after we fucked in the shower, every bed, on the floors, counters, tables, couches.....you get the picture
after a little wake up sex with a kiss and a promised call

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