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» Quiz: What Middle-earth Race are You?
What Middle-earth Race are You?
created by RhiannaTinuviel

1.) How did your race come to Middle-earth?
The western seas and the island of Numenor.
From Eru Iluvatar himself.
You are like a god among the races and were there in the very beginning before the Song that created Middle-earth ever took place.
You belong to the middle class of immortality and are known for being followers of the Ainur.
You come from the stone halls of the earth and the Vala Aule's own hands.
You are the scum of the earth... twisted beings that serve the Dark Lord out of fear and lust for man flesh.
No one really remembers when the first of your kind came about only that you live in holes and are a jolly sort.
You are bound to the One Ring and to the Dark Lord of whom you serve. Your life consists of searching and destruction.
You live under mountains and in caves far deep in the dark where you lay waste to what once was golden dwarven halls.
You swore an oath but in the end you broke your word and were eternally bound to this world because of it.

2.) A war is raging the land, all the free peoples of Middle-earth are at war with the Dark Lord, Sauron - What do you do?
Sit back and watch your creations do as you created them to do and see if they, themselves, can hold up the balance of good and evil.
Choose sides in which to help with both your magic and your deep knowledge of things long passed.
Kiss your old Gaffer goodbye and journey across the world to destroy the One Ring with your trusty sidekick and a few mushrooms.
Rage war on the Dark Lord and lay seige to Baradur, his keep in Mordor.
You're fighting alongside all the other baddies hungry for man flesh.
You fly around on a giant dragon/bat looking out for Frodo and attack/snacking on random warriors that ride by.
You're too busy packing and riding pretty silver boats into the West to care about the concerns of Middle-earth.
You've got your axe, your helmet, and a score to settle with that elf!!!
You're slaughtering the living because you didn't keep your word 3000 years ago and this is the only way to redemption.

3.) What is your race good at?
We are the high and mighty creators - we just kick back and relax till half of the world is destroyed and THEN we bust back into action.
Casting various spells and living until we're too old and decripet to even wear our favorite point hat cause it's moldy and crumpled into dust.
Hunting, Inbreeding, eating man flesh, killing, burning, eating manflesh, raping, pilaging, and not to mention - EATING MORE MAN FLESH!!!
Archery, history, singing and all the arts... especially when it comes to being the fairest of them all.
Strength, integrity and character (All the things you really wish you could be) plus, you're the future of Middle-earth so go you!
Mining and making shiny jewler, and finding shiny jems and making shiny armor and shiny daggers and shinnies... yes lots of shinnies...
Eating, drinking, smoking weed (especially Old Toby) and singing a few drinking songs and the nearby pub.
Sitting in a dark crack in the mountains awaiting redemption and the return of the king.
Riding horse, and those dragon/birdie things you love so much. You're not very good at what you're paid to do... WHICH IS FINDING FRODO!!!
Killing dwarves and trying not to upset the Balrog... nice Balrog...

4.) What would be the physical and mental characteristics of your perfect mate?
He/She would be just like me, all powerful and all knowing (atleast you think you are) or he/she could be an elf.
He/She would be noble and proud to a fault. He/she would be handsome/beautiful and a leader among the people... Most likely an elf.
You want a jolly and happy person that can light up the room with a smile. Someone who knows about raising children cause by golly you want a lot!!!
You're too much into your work that you don't have enough time for that person. All you need is a few ancient pieces of paper... and maybe a book.
One who is as hungry for man flesh as yourself... What about that nice cousin, you know.. on your mother's side.
You need to be able to ride it and it needs to be able to strike fear in the hearts of all that see it. Whoo hoo if it has wings... wings are nice.
He/She needs to be exactly like you. You both need your own mountain with a few good picks and axes... oh and a barrel or two of meade.
He/She must be noble and brave. They must also have a sense of insecurity about them. He/she should also be mortal - More drama that way...
They must be perfect -JUST LIKE ME!!! They must be one of the most powerful of all their kind and... they must stay out of my way - these are MY woods

5.) Are you immortal?
Of course!!! How could I create the world and live to watch my creations destroy it if I wasn't?
We don't die exactly... we usually just turn in the rocks we dig out... every now and then if you're good you can be a jewel.
Not anymore... we were once elves but... now we want MAN FLESH!!!
The One Ring fuels my fate... I only wish I hadn't put on that ring all those years ago... Oh darn.
I'm dead... they just havn't let me sleep... THIS is what happens to you when you don't sleep... you become TRANSPARENT.
Yes, as the first children of Iluvatar we are bound to this world... but we may also choose to become mortal for the sake of our significant other...
No, Some of us live hundreds of years (The Dunedain) but mostly we just die off in a hundred to 150 years... give or take a dozen.
Well... we don't live a very very long time... we usually range from 100-80... but Bilbo lived way past that and then he and Frodo got to be immortal!
Yes, we are the underlings of the Ainur, we serve them and thus live forever.

6.) What city does your race mostly populate?
Minas Morgul
The Tower of Orthanc -OH and Gandalf rides around here and there everynow and then.. but nowasays he's back home with the Ainur.
Hobbiton of course!!! What do you think we are? Some stupid Bracegirdle from Longbottom?!
Minas Tirith... The King has returned don't ya know?
A crack in the Mountains... yeah... A CRACK.
Stone cities carved right in the heart of the mountains... The Mines of Moria!!! My cousin, Balin will give us a royal welcome!
The Holy Lands of Aman... far from the filth of Middle-earth.
The Woodland Realms: Rivendell, Lothlorien, and once upon a time the hidden Kingdom of Gondolin... but it died along with Gil-galad...

7.) What are some of the names of your leaders?
Eru Iluvatar is the only leader... He is the ONE.
Isildur, Anarion, Elendil... oh and Aragorn!
Frodo, Bilbo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, Farmer Maggot AND no one can forget the Old Gaffer!!!
Saruman and Gandalf
Balin, Gloin, Gimli and Thorin
Sauron you twit and ...the One Ring
Aragorn if he'll ever hurry his butt into our cave!!!
Elrond, Gil-galad, Galadriel, Arwen, Celeborn and Luthien

8.) Your friends are in trouble... What do you do?
Leave them - they were worthless anyway!
Sacrifice myself to stop a giant flaming Balrog that's about 30 ft tall from passing over the stone bridge to my friends... smart I know.
Slice and Dice all assortments of evil creatures to finally come to their rescue - sadly a little too late.
Haha, trouble? US? Bah! We NEVER get in trouble... we're all powerful - we make OTHERS get in trouble.
Beat whatever is attacking them with my trusty frying pan - and maybe a piece of rotten lembas.
Charge with no sense of direction madly swinging your axe -HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT BLOODY ELF IF HE'S DEAD!?!?!?
We don't die... we multiply.. no seriously
Come to their rescue only to die 5 minutes later when the battle was just getting good.
We can do nothing... we must sail to the West and let the things that are meant to be come to pass.

9.) If you could, would you sacrifice your immortality to marry a mortal and ultimately choose to die for the one you loved?
My life is mine to give to whom I will... as if my heart.
HECK NO!!! I'd rather live here in paradise then join the sappy mortals!
The decision would be hard... but I would stay with the person I loved come hell fire or peace.
Why not? You've never wanted to live forever anyway - You're more concerned with the here and now. No use in living forever alone!
Who needs love when you've got JEWELS???
I would be of more use if I lived forever and continued to study the legends and histories of our world.
I barely understand the here and now - why would I want to stay in something I don't understand??? MAN MEAT, now that's my forte!!!
... I'm already dead.
I don't have much of a choice - If Sauron gets the ring... whoot another milennia before I can be free... and if the Ring is destroyed... YAY I DIE!!!

10.) When night comes without a star and all your long years are utterly spent... where will you go?
If I am smart I will have already sailed into the West.
I'll stay right where I am and either mourn the dead (Like Nienna) or I'll bask in my immortality without a second thought.
I will sail to the West and make my last journey to the Undying Lands.
I wont live that long - I'll probally die a year after I'm old enough to weild a sword - or any bludgeoning weapon for that matter.
Hope that the Ring is destroyed quickly so I can die.
I will lay upon a stone dias before the time of my death and bid farewell to the woman I love... and there I will lay myself to rest, honorably.
I will make my way to the woods where I met my lover and weep over their death and bitter mortality. Finally, I will lay myself upon a hill and die.

11.) What race would you like to be?
The Divine Ainur
The Fair Race of Elves
The Mortal Race of Men
The Hardy Race of Dwarves
The Homely Race of Hobbits
The Istari/Wizards
The Orcs and the Goblins
The Black Riders
The Undead

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