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» Quiz: what do people see you as? (jock, prep, slut, goth, etc..
what do people see you as? (jock, prep, slut, goth, etc..
created by BloodyAngel

find out what "social group" you fit into... have fun!

1.) whats your favorite color? (i know, its everyones favorite question)
my team colors.. woot!
ohh.. i love this question... lets see.. pink, purple, blue green, ohh i cant choose! they all look soo good on me!
green... the color of pot...
black.... red... blood and death, my two favorite things...
the color of my new textbook... i just love to read!
gray.. it hides me in the shadows so that no one notices me...

2.) what kind of clothes do you wear?
anything black or gray... to hide me from the world...
i just love my new suspenders and penny loafers that my mother jus bought for me!
anything black... no colors... just black...
uhh... anything baggy.. anything that makes me look cool on my skateboard!
anything that makes me look cute... pinks and blues... maybe some abercrombie here and there!
my football jersey... GO TEAM!!!

3.) whats your favorite pastime?
playing sports!!
ohh... i love shopping! cheerleading is fun too!
sex... sex... and more sex!
skating and/or smoking pot
writing morbid poetry and cutting myself... i hate my life...
i just love to read and study!
hide in the shadows, trying not to be noticed...
wut... pot?..

4.) what are your friends like?
my teammates!
the girls on my cheer squad!
people i meet in strip clubs...
some dudes i hang out with in the skatepark
other tourtured souls like myself...
my buddies from the chess club!
friends... what friends?

5.) last question... what did you think of this quiz?
i dont care... leave me alone
it sure was a ton of fun!
ask me one more question and die...
do you have any pot??
lets fuck right now!
i had soooo much fun... i have to reccomend it to all my shopping buddies!
sorry cant answer... i got practice... bye

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