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» Quiz: Do You Make Me Horny?!?! (guys only)
Do You Make Me Horny?!?! (guys only)
created by sExXi420TeRRoR

This quiz is u showing me how horny u can make me ;-)

1.) I'm bending over in my 4 inch long black leather skirt... What do you do?
Stick my fingers in your pussy and finger you!
I drop my pants and start banging you as hard as I can!!!!
Walk away and say ew....

2.) We're sitting in my parents room to get awat from the noise at the party.... What do you do?
Wait patiently for you to make the first move....
Slowly kiss your neck and move down to your boobs.....
Kiss your stomach and move down to your skirt and I take it off then stick my tounge in your pussy

3.) Yes or No?? Would you strip in front of me and everyone at the party just so I will have sex with you?
Maybe just my shirt and pants... but not my boxers
Hell no!

4.) What do you like most about a girls body?
Pussy duh, so I can still my cock in you!
Your butt!! Its sexy!!

5.) If I took my shirt off in front of you what would you do?
Say Hey get out of the way im watching tv!
Attack them like there's no tomorrow!
Fondle them until you give me a Blow Job!!!

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