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» Quiz: Would i date you? (with my actually pic)
Would i date you? (with my actually pic)
created by MySweetSunset

sexual questions, love questions

1.) Favorite Color? (sorry lame question gotta know)
hot pink

2.) what kind of music do you listen to?

3.) whats your style?
Western Boy!
tight jeans and a tight grey jacket
black..black..chains...black...biiiig boots..black?

4.) What color eyes do you have?
Light brown
Dark Brown
Dark Blue
Light blue
any other weird ass colors like pink or red or purple
not sure i havent looked

5.) Are you smart?
Well im average
Yah i get A's and B's
err...D's and F's..heh?

6.) What do you like in a girl?
Shy but loud and weird around me just to have fun, punk or skater, tight clothes, not too much skin showing but sexual when i want.kisses n hugs n pub
loud crazy slutty show your tits to everyone have sex with me preppy little cheerleader
go to barnes and nobels get a coffee and chair a seat while we cuddle reading a book. will ditch friends for eachother. conservative but sexi

7.) We're on an actually date, just the two of us...you bring me -blank-/ take me -blank-/ bring me to -blank-/ and -blank-
You bring me A flower
You bring me a kiss
You bring me a box of candies
you bring me nothing

8.) Do you play a sport? if so..what?
yah right im a fat lazy ass
moto X
no im a romantic i stay in and get it on

9.) will you email me if you get the answer to and think im hot?
Hell yah
No wtf
if you live in temecula or las flores orange countey i will
uh im a fat lard and am too lazy to

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