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» Quiz: How do you fuck?
How do you fuck?
created by sexylittlefreak

Ever wonder what your style of fucking is? Find out here damnitt!

1.) Your lover comes up to you and says they want to try a little something new in the bedroom... you say?
Ummm... honey don't you think we are moving a bit too fast?
Well, I've been meaning to talk to you about some things I thought we could try.. you know I always wanted something up my ass
Tear off your clothes and say, Dont tell me show me damnitt!
ummmmm... no

2.) Your mother finds a condom in the back of your pants pocket. When she comes to talk to you about it you say..?
I use it to fuck goats ok... fuck off... and the sad part is you do.
Listen to her and talk over how you understand what you are doing and that you are safe
Smile and say, "Mom.. those arent my pants they are yours... but ur stealing my condoms again women!"

3.) Your bestfriend decides to buy you a whore for the night and even give you a place to fuck... you say..?
Where? When? How? Why arent we fucking yet?
Give them a speach about all the diseases out there and how you cant except it
::pulls out a condom::

4.) After a wild night of drinking you find yourself lying next to your bestfriends boy/girl friend. After you check that no one saw you do what?
Run like fucking hell! Come on run with me damnitt!
Try and remember if it was good. If it was jump them and fuck them again! you'd like to remember it this time! if it was bad just get up and walk away
Call your friend crying telling them how sorry you are

5.) You are failing English, after class your teacher says that if you fuck them they will pass you so you can graduate... what do you say?
Close the class room and jump them.. Hey summer school just isn't your style
Say you have to use the bathroom then go to your dean and report them
Say ok, close your eyes, wait till it's over, and never talk to them or look them in the eyes again

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