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» Quiz: How long will your relationship last?
How long will your relationship last?
created by gs gal

Find out if it's just a spring fling or true love!

1.) When alone you two:
Make out! what else is there to do?
Talk about our days.
have a very aquard silence.
We have the best time just hangin out together! it's awesome
I am lonely and pathetic.

2.) Do you know his last name? Or even first name for that matter.
Duh! It's um... let me think for a little while.
Yup, you want his social security number too?
Like I say, I am lonely.
I think it starts with a p! does that count?

3.) How long have you two been goin out?
5 years or so!
He doesnt know we are going out but about a week.
I am soooooooo... Lonely.
How should i know?
Just a month but i think it's gonna last
yawn, what was the question again?

4.) Have you kissed?
Yeah, it was magical!
ewwwww. i might get cooties
not yet, but i hear he's gonna kiss me some time this year!
Lonely, lonely, lonely!

5.) Do you really like him/her?
What does that have to do with anything?
Yeah! Why else would we go out?
Like who?
Kinda sorta, but if another offer came along i might take it.
yeah, he's pretty cool.

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