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» Quiz: What breed of horse should you own?
What breed of horse should you own?
created by Horse_luver92

this quize will tell u what breed of horse you should own ACCURATE RESAULTS!!!!

1.) What is ur favorite hosey coulor?
Bay,brown or black
Chestnut,Grey,Bay and Black.
All solid colours
same as the one above.
Bay,Chestnut,Brown or Black

2.) What Characteristics do you like in a horse?
Fiery,gentle,intelligent,dished profile,wide nostrils,small ears,graceful,curving neck,roomy body,level back,high set tail very affectionate.
Intelligent head,Elegant neck,well-sloped shoulders,short strong body,muscular body,well set tail,very high strung.
Strong,intelligent head,wide muzzle,large nostrils,clear eyes and big ears,muscular hinquarters,straight limbs,feathers.
Expressive head,straight or slightly dished profile,large eyes and short alert ears,compact deep body with short back,well muscled hindquarters.
Short head,small muzzle,intelligent eyes,short back,pwerful loins and hinquarters,short cannonsand good limbs.

3.) What style of Riding do you prefer?
Barrel Racing,Reining,Sprinting and cattle work.
dressage harness and halter
RIDING!!! All I want is a horse who can plow and pull my carriage look beautiful and be a family pet!
Racing!!! Endurance dressage x-countary and Jumping!!It must be FAST!
Dressage,Endurance 3-day eventing.

4.) Hoe tall do you want your horse to be?
May be as small as 14.2 or over 17hh I like my horses big!!!
stallions 17.1-18hh and mares 16.3-17.2 Like I said I like my horses big and Hardy!!
14.1-15.2hh with some individuals under or over.

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