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» Quiz: would i like u 2 stick ur dick up my pussy?
would i like u 2 stick ur dick up my pussy?
created by katie.b

would i like u to skick ur dick up my pussy? find out herethis quiz iz made 4 ppl ho like galz. p.s. if u gt top markz plz msg me u might get a treat;)

1.) wer at skool and im in da closet u come in wat do u do?
walk back out lookin 4 maths bookz not horny girls
come in say hi give me a kiss on da cheek and walk out again
come in finger me hard makin me groan like hell but run away cus u hear a teacher!
strut in, c me pul out ur dick and fuck me right on da spot. itz been so long da teacherz think weve skived off!!!!!!!!

2.) wer at skool again bt this time ur my teacher.u kept me in after class, u lock the door and comez closer what do u do?
lift me up and do me against da wall and spread ur sex piss in my mouth
ur very turnd on by my skool skirt and little shirt by as a teacher u just cant so ask u to open a window instead.
let me early cuz u havt to meet ur mother-in-law 4 brunch
u open ur shirt say letz have some sex education but think my wife iz sitn at home with my dinner made so just a shag

3.) wer at da swimming pool wer do u most want to catch me?
u want do c me walk in2 da ladz changin rooms so u can do me in da tolietz!ahhhhhhhhh
u want to c me but naked in da pool so we can make sweet sweet love rite thr
walkin out of the place with my long wet hair ohhhh.
u dont ur far to ugly to evn b seen wt a gal like me:(

4.) im at ur houz i slowly strt takn my clothez off wat do u do?
ur turnd on bt back out and go gt a drink.
strt mastrabing while watchin me gt horny.
ur gtn nothin out of thiz u stil thinkin about y the killed bambie in dat disney film
u gt naked too, no time 4 comdomz . 1 minute later im moanin harder! HARDER!

5.) im leavn now and u say
plz dont leave ur soooo sexy u make me realy horny letz do it rite now

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