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» Quiz: Are You Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd?
Are You Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd?
created by white_devil

I am. Are you?

1.) You're the only one in the group who doesn't agree with where to hang out.
No, I have a friend who agrees with me.
I'm a follower. I don't have opinions.
Everyone agrees on where to hang out.
Nobody agrees on where to hang out. Jenny's prep, Sara's goth... What the fuck are we doing together eh?

2.) Everyone in the group is going to the music store to buy Ashlee Simpson's Autobiography album (gag me!!) What do you buy?
Ashlee Simpson, DUH! If everyone else does, then that means it's good, right? Right?!
Ashlee Simpson cuz she's my favourite singer!!! BTW, I take offense in your Gag Me!! comment. xP
The only Metallica CD you don't have -- well, you have it now!! (Or some other heavy metal band..whatever dude)
I hate Ashlee Simpson. I can't stand to look at her fucking face (haha thats me)

3.) One of the girls bought a pink shirt, and now everyone else wants a pink shirt (God girls get a fuckin life!!) What do you go out and buy?
The same pink shirt.
A band shirt. Fuck Pink.
A yellow shirt. Pink makes me look fat.
A lollipop. yummy.
I don't buy shirts. I find them in the garbage. Fucker.

4.) Ella's got a unlimited amount of hairclips, Fiona's got endless lipglosses (from spicy watermelon to chocolate chip zuccinni), and Olga has 78 bottles of nailpolish. What's your collection of?
teddy bears
Posters of people your group has never heard of
Heavy Metal albums

5.) Last question... Saturday Night. Everyones up for a sleepover. What are you up for?
Something fun. A local concert, or skate competition (which of course, you're gonna sign up for) or goofing off at the park.
Sleepover. I'm a follower. I do what the leader says. I worship her. Oy, want your hair brushed? I'll do it for you. How about a massage?
Sleepover. Why not. Here's my chance to convert them from pop zoinks to heavy metal chicks. Muahahaha!
Anything BUT a fucking sleepover.

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