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» Quiz: What Griffin Valley horse are you?
What Griffin Valley horse are you?
created by Beckers

Find out which horse you are from the Griffin Valley Ranch stable.

1.) What is your favourite horse color?

2.) If you were a horse, what temperment would best describe you?
Calm and Loving
Sometimes a little bit tricky
A lively young horse
A hard to handle temperment
Old and Sweet

3.) You are in a barn tied up beside other horses. The horse beside you bumps you. You
Give them a strange look
Give them a warning nip
Leave them alone
Squeel and pull back on your rope
Step away from them
Give them a kick to show you are the boss
Not notice since you were sleeping

4.) Your owner gives the horse in the stall next to you some oats. You
Ignore it. You'lle get your share.
Stick your muzzle through the bars and try to lick it
Paw at the ground
Try to kick the wall down
Neigh reminding the owner that you are still there
Lunge towad the opening in the stall door, scaring the other horse away.
Didn't notice. You were sleeping.

5.) If you were a horse, what would be your favourite treat?
Horse crunchies

6.) Your in a paddock by yourself. A horse and rider pass by.
Trot up to the fence showing how kind you are
Hide behind a tree
Stay where you are, they won't do anything
Run around the paddock madly
Walk away from them
Lunge at the gate

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