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» Quiz: Which Mean Girls character are you?
Which Mean Girls character are you?
created by laura_e819

1.) What is your dream car?
Something cute and sporty, yet functional.
Anything with an awesome sound system and efficient engine design.
Something cool and masculine
Something classic...like an El Camino!
A VW Bug
Uh...i dont know...like, maybe, a red one?
anything that gets me from point A to point B
A shiny silver convertible

2.) How would your friends describe you?
smart and pimpin' at the same time
almost too gay to function
good at problem-solving
cute, but bad at math
popular snob
sheltered but nice

3.) Who is your role model?
Ms. Norbury
Don Juan
the Fab Five
I don't have a role model.
Emily Dickenson
Rosie O'Donnell

4.) What is your favorite animal?
zebras and antelopes
lions-they always get what they want!
cats- I have a bunch of them at home!
I hate animals
Golden Retrienvers

5.) What would you do if someone spread a rumor about you?
I would set up trust-building games
Everyone loves me--who would spread a rumor?
It's true, so who cares?
I'm not important. Nobody would spread a rumor about me.
I would make up a rumor about THEM
I would get them in BIG trouble for something they didn't do!
I would come up with a specific plan to slowly ruin the rumor-spreader's life.
I would probably cry.....a lot.

6.) What would you like to receive as a gift?
a date with whoever you wanted
a shiny new calculator
some normal American clothes
ANOTHER car and a private jet and 100000000 and.....
another pink polo shirt
oh is it my birthday?
a raise!
a tatoo

7.) Who would you love to see in concert?
I don't know..something African would be cool.
Britney Spears...but only if I get box seats!
Ozzy Osbourne
the Village People
the strokes
Chingy and Nelly
uhhh a band?

8.) What celebrity would you love to meet?
Charlize Theron
Lindsey Lohan
Sean Connery
Chad Michael Murray for sure!
the Fab Five!
I've already met tons of famous people so who cares?
Fiona Apple

9.) What is your favorite subject in school?
Creative Writing- I'm great at making up stories!
Health class out in the back building.. wink wink!
Home Ec
I spend most of my time in the projector room with my cousin so idk.
I like all my classes equally.

10.) You were voted most likely to....
come out with a CD
get permanently lost
fail a math test
be a pusher
date a male model
shoot someone
become just like your mom
be nice, then mean, then nice again

11.) Where do you hang out on the weekends?
at home
at parties
the mall
at the library
wherever my current friends are
wherever I want-everyone follows me
in my garage with my friend
in my friend's garage

12.) Finish the sentence: When I get angry, I
assess the situation calmly
dump my significant other and find someone new
act the same as I always do!
I let out my emotions through music
I look to my friends for help
I get even!
I hit someone
do breathing exercises to try and relax and find my center

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