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» Quiz: does he/she have the same feelings?
does he/she have the same feelings?
created by crimson_cheeks

okay, so you like someone, and you're dying to know if he/she likes you back. You can always take this quick quiz and find out. i'm not 100 percent certain, it'll just help you gain some confidence in your self... -hope it works-

1.) You're walking into your first class, and because of block rotation you happen to have him/her in your class first. What does he/she do when you sit beside her/him? or if you don't sit beside her/him then what does he say to you?
she/he talks to you right away bout stuff you don't even know but laughs at it anyway because ... well you just love talking to her/him
tap your shoulder to get your attention and strikes up a weird coversation
he/she says hi and just turn back to the conversation he/she had before you came in.
he/she talks to you and distracting you from your work because he/she doesn't care what the teacher thinks, even if it means getting in trouble...

2.) What do you and your 'crush' talk about when you're in your classes ignoring the teacher's glares?
family, hobbies, stuff ... you know the ususal
nonsense... stuff you don't even know as long as you and her/him laugh at it once in a while and always finding an excuse to touch each other along the way, you're both fine...
giving glances every now and then not saying much but you never catch her/him looking at you...
you don't talk to her/him... so shy or just don't want to give yourself out...
just joke aobut some radom stuff and hoping that he'll ask you out...

3.) do you walk/ talk/ hangout with him/her ?
yes, only like alll the time... but she/he doesn't acknowledge me as much as the other girl/guy he/she comes by occasionally.
only when i have the chance... like right after class and he/she usually waits for me to go upstairs to our lockers...
no, i'm scared... i only take glances across the hallway...but he's/she's always talking with another...
he/she alwyas waits for me before walking with me... he/she always looks for me in the crowd...

4.) does he tease you? if girl... does she slap you playfully???
yes... all the time, i kind of like it... too
sometimes, not all the time... occasionally...
NO!! i don't think i'll have the nerve and he/she never goes near me unless it's bout school work
I ... JUST talk to him/her that's all not touchy stuff... he/she doesn't really pay attention to me...

5.) do you think he/she likes you?
he/she's always looking at me and giving me grins...
she/he teases me about stuff and i think he/she doesn't like me...
YES... HE/SHE LIKES ME... he ignores me but i know he/she is just in denial...
i'm not sure... he/she's nice to me... but never really actually paid too much attention to me..

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