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» Quiz: What Thoroughbred horse are you?
What Thoroughbred horse are you?
created by Beckers

This quiz is based on my fav. book series called Thoroughbred by Joanna Cambell.

1.) What is your favourite color of horse?
-Dapple Grey
-Non of the above

2.) What kind of temperment would describe you best?
-Sweet and loving
-High strung attitude
-Your temperment can sometimes be hard to handle
-Whoa, nobody can stop you

3.) What kind of riding do you like best?
-Just trail riding
-Hunter shows

4.) If you were a horse, what would be your favourite treat?
-Just carrots are fine
-Apples are great
- Definitly sugar cubes(need more sugar)
-Horse crunchies, horse crunchies, horse crunchies!!!!!!
-non of the above

5.) Your owner accedently hits you with their spurs. You
-Look back at them and give them a stunned look as if you were sayingwhat did I do?
-Move into a smooth canter. oohh very ladylike
- Take a little crow hop before moving into a springy trot
-Start galloping toward the gait and prepare to jump so you can make your way to freedom.
-Stand there quietly since you were sleeping

6.) A squirrel gets into your stall.
-Do you want to be friends?
-Slowly back away ignoring it
-Trample it!!!!!!!
-Eekk! a squirrel

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