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» Quiz: What Yellowcard Song Are You?
What Yellowcard Song Are You?
created by esaeler

1.) Are you a romantic person?
No,I'm too busy with my drug dependency to worry about a chick/dude.
Yes,and I am always faithful to that special one.
No,I don't want to be tied down.
Yes, but noone is ever interested in me.
Yes, and I usually end up heartbroken.
No, all the anger prevents a good relationship.

2.) Where do you see yourself in the future?
Living with my wife/husband and 4 children.
Meeting up with a former cheerleader at the 10-year reunion and getting hitched in Vegas.
In jail for murder for stabbing a popular kid in the back (literally).
Reconciling with my Father and having a good relationship with him,while being an awesome parent to my child.
Either in rehab or just out of rehab for an addiction to pills.
Living in another country, cutting all ties with family and past friends.
Living in the local cemetary as you were murdered during high school.

3.) What is your attitude toward life?
God,I hate my family.
Man,I can't wait until I graduate. Then I can leave this hell for good.
I love my life,and especially my girlfriend/boyfriend.
Why does everyone pick on me?
I really want to kill the quarterback..
Man,I can't wait to get stoned..
God,I hope I don't get killed before graduation..

4.) What type of mood are you usually in?
A mix of heartbroken and pissed, wanting revenge on the one who smashed your heart.
Mad at your parents.
Either in euphoria or dysphoria, depending on your daily fix.
In love.
Wanting desperatley to fit in with the "popular crowd",while angry at those same people.
Same as above, without the anger, plus the want to not be picked on as much.

5.) What do you think of this quiz?
It sucks..I'd rather be stoned...wait,I think I am..
It was ok, but I'd rather be with my girlfriend/boyfriend.
It was great. I didn't even think about worrying about being beat up tomorrow for a few minutes.
I'd rather have more fun in Paris.
It was good, but I'm still pissed at my dad.
It was great, and now I'm off to kill the quarterback. Now,where did I put my knife?

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