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» Quiz: Does SHE like you
Does SHE like you
created by blacknailpolish

Theres heaps of these for girls but I dont think there is enough for guys. Us girls can be so confusing at times

1.) Your phone calls....
She calls you alot and speaks for ages and asks you how you have been and if you can meet up again soon
She rings you as much as you ring her but there have been ALOT of long pauses, then again she can speak heaps!
She doesnt call, fullstop
She makes excuses to leave alot

2.) Her body language
She hangs around you alot but if you dont pay her attention she goes with your friends but you can still see her watching you
She's never away from you
if shes with her friends shes not as close as usual

3.) Around friends
she shows all your friends how amazing she treats you, lots of hugs, kisses etc
she gets very uneasy
if you try to get close to you she pushes you away but then teases you to do the same thing again

4.) You get close and look in her eyes
she moves away
she gets uneasy and moves away
She stares back at you and does something cute like poke you, kiss your nose or put her arms around you
She looks right back at you but soon gets uneasy and looks down to the ground

5.) Sitting down, beleive it or not, this shows alot
she sits far away from you
She sits on your lap
She either stands up close to you or sits near you with her arms across her stomach or legs
she sits a bit away from you

6.) You tell her she is pretty
She says thankyou and compliments you back
She gives you a sarcastic look
she calls you a jack ass
she responds with a quick NO IM NOT but still smiles at you

7.) You see each other
whenever you can
she always seems to be just passing, or walking the dog... everyday
every two or three days

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