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» Quiz: Are you kinky or perverted?
Are you kinky or perverted?
created by i fuck alf

1.) Your current partner is:
Dead or close to it.
3 feet tall or on four legs.
Both female and male.
Real young... mmm...
A blowup doll. Meet Sally.

2.) Water play to you means:
Piss of course!
Watching young girls and women from a distance play in the pool or at the beach.
Spying on people in the shower.
Sex on a slip n' slide.
Hosing my slave down with a fire hose.

3.) You are called:
Child molestor.

4.) Your idea of porn:
A peephole.
A farm.
An elementary school.
Midget and clown porn.
Bingo night at the retirement home.
A family reunion.
Spanking videos.

5.) Blood is:
Usually everywhere after I club my victim.
Running down her leg and into her shoe...

6.) Rape is:
I'm not sure...
Fun when with the willing.

7.) Humiliation?
What happens when I get caught.
Gets me off everytime!
Being busted by my mother watching her undress.

8.) You own:
A van with tinted windows.
A buttplug.
A riding crop.
Children's underpants.

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