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» Quiz: what word ar u called behide ur back!??
what word ar u called behide ur back!??
created by starsofdarkness989

when ppl talk about other ppl wouldn't u wonder what word they called u??

1.) what is fucking favorite damn color!!??errrrrr y did i put this question upT.T
pinky winky :-p
blood red of the blood that comes out of ppl when i beat them up!!!
blkack and white the sene i see in (i like pointy things)
idk and idc and i like i think rainbow colors really!!

2.) what do u wear mostly another fucking question mostly used!!errrrrrrrrr damn me!!
fuzzy pink and short stuff and mini skirts like anything that is cute really !! :-D
red and black they rock!!
colorful stuff with a funky desing like red pants with flames on it but they ar colorful and a shirt like bright pink!!!;-)
black period............ only black!!!
vets and pants and anything classic wearings for me!!
aaaaaaaaaa really don't care anything that feels good on me or styling with my style and more!!

3.) what ar u!!??
the bully
creative and wondful and more :-)!!!!
smart(points to u if u clicked it and says nerd)!!!

4.) what sport do u play
cheerleader (i am leader);-)!!
i don't play sports but do faishoin desings does that count???!!
nothing i stay alone and will get hurt but i do black mage??? does that count too???
i play chess
anything that i like to play like v-ball or basketball!!

5.) did u like this fucking quizz!!
go- girl go-girl it rock!!!
hell wtf u talking about!!??
sure it was okay!! for me!!
it was well done A for u girl!!
it was okay but i would like another quizz that was more evil not like this one!!
u should make another quizz cuase ur good at making them and this one was creative like me!!

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