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» Quiz: The Lives of The Hidden One
The Lives of The Hidden One
created by a_leprechaun

Find out which of the known past lives you would identify with.

1.) If you could choose your appearence, what would it be?
Wiry and agile, pale, with reddish-blonde hair and grass-green eyes.
Dark skin, large hands and feet, matted black hair, very large dark eyes.
Strong features, high cheekbones, dark grey eyes, and wavy golden hair.
Average height, slender, brown-grey eyes and rounded shoulders.
Dyed hair, bright green eyes, very tall.
Very pale, pale blue eyes, sharp features.
On the shortish side, light brown hair, soft bluish-grey eyes.

2.) And what would you choose to wear on top of all that?
A feathered hat, loose pants, red vest and no shoes.
Leather boots, classic trousers and shirt, long red coat, and a signature peice of jewelry.
Three-quarter pants, collarless shirt, ornate vest and jacket. No shoes.
Brown denim jacket, jeans, plain white T-shirt.
Sneakers, jeans, rock n' roll T-shirt, leather jacket.
Leather. And a sword.
A simple tunic in neutral tones.

3.) What's your family like?
My family's not that much to me. I care about my friends more.
My mother was nurturing and my father taught me everything I know.
I love my family, even though the idea of living up to my father is a bit daunting.
Can't stand them.
They mean well enough, but I can't stay with them.
I've never had much of a family.
My family means more to me than anything.

4.) Say, who's that your hangin' out with?
Not sure really, I only met them this evening. I'm very social.
A group of swarthy, dirty men who are always ready for adventure. Arr!
Ooh, just my best friend since forever.
My roommates, though I wouldn't exactly call them friends.
My drinking buddies. They're the only ones who really get me.
Subordinates. Minions. Call them what you will.
My sibling. We're so close!

5.) What would you say is your greatest virtue?
Wit and energy.
Sense of adventure.
Boundless optimism.
Sense of independence.
Down-to-earth attitude.
I'm an excellent leader.
I'm friendly and eternally loyal.

6.) And your greatest downfall?
Being unable to take a stand.
Being unsure of myself.
Overwhelming curiosity.
Addictive personality.
Autophobia (fear of being alone).

7.) A common question- which animal do you most identify with?
Labrador Retriever.

8.) What kind of person would you be most likely to have a romantic relationship?
Ethereal yet playful, a spritely kind of person.
Sweet, sensitive and coy.
Fun-loving and mischevious.
Whoever can break down my walls.
Clever and sensual, someone deeply in touch with their own sexuality.
There's a certain air about them that I can't deny. I don't know what it is, I only know I'm attracted to it.
Brave and sad, someone who needs healing.

9.) Pick a song lyric.
Why should I worry? Why should I care?
I'm just dreaming, feeling the ways to where you are.
I'm a boy- no, I'm a man.
I'm lost and I'm hopeless, I'm bleeding and broken. . .I come undone in this mad season.
Kicking around on a peice of ground in your hometown, waiting for someone or something to show you the way.
Even if my collarbones crush or crumble, I will never slip or stumble.
We want more than the world's got to offer, we want more than the wars of our fathers.

10.) There's a war marching on your country's doorstep. What do you do?
Stay neutral, even if it means putting myself in danger. I'd rather avoid the battlefield.
::readies sword and pistol:: BRING 'EM ON!
I'll do what I can to help those I love, though I'm not sure how much that is.
Go fight? Are you serious?? I've got my own problems to deal with.
I love my people and my country. I'll stand by them, come hell or high water.
I was bred for war. To fight is my sole purpose.
I will proudly carry the banner and march in the ranks. I'm not afraid of my destiny.

11.) We all must shuffle off this mortal coil eventually. How do you die?
I commit suicide in a splendidly epic fashion. Death is just the next adventure, you know.
Doing the thing that I love, right up to the point of my demise.
Peacefully at an old age, in my sleep.
Rather young. My body's so ravaged, it's a wonder I even lasted this long.
Young, rather suddenly, and quite bloodily.
I don't really die. I just sort of... fade away.
At an old age (for my time, anyway), surrounded by those I love.

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