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» Quiz: Would i let u fuck me hard?!(bi/lez girlz)
Would i let u fuck me hard?!(bi/lez girlz)
created by sexmatters!


1.) Say i walked past you in the street, i have an extremely short miniskirt on, and i bent over. you realise that i'm not wearing any underwear, so i'm revealing the crack in my hot pussy! do you....
Walk over and finger me, moaning as u do so, strip naked, exposing your pussy and hot boobs, then lay underneath me and rub your pussy against mine!
Walk over, rip off my top, pull me into the nearest alley, strip us both fully naked, and take it from there!
Invite me to your place, and see what happens.
just imagine what dirty things you could do to me then and there!

2.) Say you see me at a party, and you walk over to me.I whisper in your ear: I'm horny baby.What would you do?
Invite me into the nearest empty room. Grab me, rip all my clothing off, then yourself. Then you carry me to the bed, and fuxk me so hard!!
Just agree with me
Ask if you could meet me at the movies some time?
Instantly pull up my top, start to suck my breasts. Then stick ur hand down my skirt and finger me!

3.) Say you see me with another girl, but fucking with her,What would you do??
Run over and call me a slut!
Pull me away fro the other girl, and finger me!
Run over , strip fully naked, start rubbing your pussy up against one of our pussy's and fingering the other. Then make us suck your nipples!

4.) Say i invited you over to my place, and you agree, but when you arrive you find me naked on the sofa, with my legs wide open, exposing my wet and hot juicy pussy. what would you do??
Leap on top of me, so your riding me like a horsey, but on my front. Then you get me to finger you, and then you take me up to my room, to fuck!
Tell me to put my clothes on, and ask if we could watch a movie or something?
Tie me to the nearest chair, and eat me out!
Suck my huge breasts, and carry me up to my room, too Fuck eachother hard!!

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