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» Quiz: What would your role be in a horror movie?
What would your role be in a horror movie?
created by saphrax

This quiz will guide you to what you would be in a horror movie. If you get a bad result....lets hope you don't get into some of these situations..

1.) Ok, First question. If you were stuck in a dark house late at night with a group of your friends and you hear a strange noise. What would you do?
Don't do anything. Stand there watching everyone else to see what they would do first.
Hide behind everyone else and propose you stick together as a group.
Start walking off by yourself screaming to see if anyone was there.
Follow what everyone else is doing.
Stand in the middle of the group frozen onto the spot in fear.

2.) If someone said that you should split up where would you go?
Walk quickly to the kitchen without anyone noticing you.
Walk slowly to the basement and try to hide.
Walk upstairs and goes into one of the bedrooms to lay down.
Follow the other guy to the kitchen without anyone seeing.
Walk to the loungeroom with one of your friends and pick up a weapon. (your paranoid)

3.) If you heard someone screaming what would you do?
Run in the opposit direction.
Run to where the screaming is coming from.
More then likely be the one doing the screaming.
Walk quickly to the screaming and stand there watching other people.
Grab the first weapon you can and take the long way around to the screams.

4.) What color best describes you?
Red - It reminds me of the good old days.
Whatever color everyone else is choosing.
Pink - I'm a preppy happy go lucky.
Black - To hide in the shadows
I don't know. I'm too confused to think about it.

5.) If faced with the killer what would you do?
Stand there staring at the group. Waiting for them to make their first move.
Run away, because killers never follow the one's who run.
Stand behind my boss and wait for my orders.
Slip away slowly pushing friends infront of me.
I would be standing there too scared to do anything

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